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I enjoy discussing art techniques, the metaphysical, nature, and self betterment. Sharing information and insight with others is a passion of mine.

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Custom Mala Order

Palo Santo Malas

Palo Santo Malas contain Palo Santo and gemstone beads.
Each and every Palo Santo bead is hand shaped and hand drilled.
Gemstones are washed, charged in the sunlight, and cleansed via smudging with Palo Santo. Secured with hemp twine and a bindu.
Malas are beautiful tools for mantras, meditation, and for wearing daily to aid in grounding, protection, and connecting to source.

Custom Mala Order


Custom Mala Order

from 25.00

If you see a mala that you like but it isn't to a point where you would absolutely love it - let me know! I would love to work with you to create the perfect Palo Santo Mala.

Whether you have a particular gemstone in mind, or you saw a photo of a mala design that inspires you that you would love to share with me, or you just want something custom made for you that is special to your astrology and way of being.
I would love to work with you!

Check out the Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones for inspiration.

When you choose a mala size for your custom order, you are paying a non-refundable payment of either $25 or $50. This is to ensure that if you change your mind and no longer wish to receive a custom mala, I still get paid for any work that I put into conceptualizing and making your custom mala.
This payment will go towards your final Mala order if the order is complete. In this case, an additional $20 custom order fee will be added to your complete Mala order price.

I will email you with a follow up once I receive this order. You can also contact me at and start the conversation if you are not ready to fully commit to a mala order.
I would love to get creative with you and I look forward to hearing from you!


 ***Due to the variations in Palo Santo wood, please trust in the universe to deliver the perfect Palo Santo mala to you. Each bead is unique in size and shape, unable to be recreated by nature or myself.

Trust in the universe, it has your back <3

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