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If you have any questions about my process, the materials I use, or anything else                                                     I would love to hear from you!

I enjoy discussing art techniques, the metaphysical, nature, and self betterment. Sharing information and insight with others is a passion of mine.

Love and Light,



2950-2956 S Walnut St
Bloomington, IN, 47401
United States

The Artist

Creating art filled with passion, joy, and excitement.
     Jewelry and art that energetically raises the vibration of the wearer and those near.
                Infusing spirit and love into every piece.


"A modern day Renaissance woman."

That's what I am striving for every day. I am curious about everything; eager to explore and learn. I have always been a maker and working with my hands brings me great joy.

Creating is my true nature and I always aim to learn as many skills as possible. I was able to explore a variety of mediums at university, including metalsmithing, printmaking, woodworking, and ceramics. Along side traditional schooling, I have learned basic Ayurveda cooking and am certified to level 3 Reiki.

When I am not making art, I enjoy being in nature, dancing, cooking, traveling to new places, attending live music events, and sharing conversations with other beings on the topics of self-awareness, consciousness, astrology, alchemy, art, and anything and everything that is genuine to that interaction.

My Palo Santo art journey started in the fall of 2012. I was enthralled with the presence and healing abilities of Palo Santo. I use it as a tool to reconnect with my true nature; to calm and ground me into my higher Self. An opportunity to create art with Palo Santo emerged, and I began diving deep into the realm of this magical wood. Since the summer of 2015 I have been dedicated to learning more about Palo Santo and how it wants to express itself through me.

Love and Light and Palo Santo,


Choose abundance, grace, joy, love, and anything
and everything else YOU care to embody moment to moment.
— Kaja

I aim to create unique, sacred jewelry that brings
joy and excitement through a feeling of connectedness
to a higher source of light, love, and the sacred.

I want to empower people to express their genuine nature
through adornment of beauty and joy.