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Jewelry Care Instructions

Palo Santo Jewelry Care

Your Palo Santo Jewelry is a sacred tool that helps to keep you grounded and connected. Treat it with respect and care, and it will serve you with all of its ability. When it is not serving you, it loves to live on your altar, in a designated pouch/bag, or other special space.

Do not submerge your Palo Santo Jewelry under water! If it does get wet or submerged, dry immediately with cloth and then let sun dry.

Due to the raw nature of the wood, do not store your jewelry with out a protective bag when stored with other items that may be dusty or dirty- such as inside a purse, backpack, or pant pocket. The dirt may stick, stain, or dent the pendant.

Over time, the oils from your skin will deepen the color of the wood. This will create a natural seal-type coating on your piece and this is normal.

Enhancing Palo Santo aroma:

Due to the raw nature of the wood, you can add a couple drops of natural Palo Santo oil to deepen the fragrance of your jewelry.

For a pendant/earrings/Palo Santo with flat faces: I recommend 2-3 drops, depending on the size of your piece, per side. Rub in evenly on each surface of one or both sides of the pendant. Let dry for minimum of 24 hrs to minimize the possibility of dirt sticking to damp pendant.

For a mala/bracelet/Palo Santo bead: I recommend oiling your clean hands with 2-3 drops of Palo Santo oil and rubbing the various Palo Santo beads. Let dry for minimum of 24 hrs to minimize the possibility of dirt sticking to the Palo beads.


***   Due to the variations in Palo Santo branches, please trust in the universe to deliver the perfect Palo Santo jewelry to you.
Each piece is unique and unable to be recreated by nature or myself.   ***

Trust in the universe- it has your back