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Incense and Palo Santo Oil

Palo Santo Essential Oil

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Palo Santo Essential Oil

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Our 100% pure Palo Santo essential oil is sustainably harvested off the coast of Ecuador. It is collected via vapor distillation, a process that is essential to ensure that 100% of what comes out is pure essential oil.

Palo Santo oil is fragrantly sweet, uplifting, and an amazing tool for sacred use.

Uses include:

Perfume - Use Palo Santo oil in place of your perfume! To do so, either mix it with a carrier oil (organic jojoba oil is my favorite; it does not interfere with the smell of the Palo Santo) or dab a small amount directly on the skin. ***Use caution when applying directly. This is 100% pure Palo Santo oil, and it is very strong. It may burn sensitive skin. So test a small area of your skin before applying directly.

Use it in your oil diffuser - the calming, pleasant scent of Palo Santo brings an air of peace and freshness to any space.

Aromatherapy - along with using it in an oil diffuser, simply smelling the oil out of the bottle can relieve anxiety, stress, and calm the mind. Smell before meditation to ground and center your being. Carry in the car and smell at the stop light. Smell it before going to bed. The smells are infinite!

Massage - add a couple of drops of Palo Santo oil in your massage cream and massage into sore muscles. The smell and benefits of Palo Santo will enhance the massage experience. Make sure to ask your masseuse if they are comfortable using this oil, and let them test it on their skin before the session begins.


Test your skin first before using this oil.
It is 100% essential oil and may irritate sensitive skin.

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