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If you have any questions about my process, the materials I use, or anything else                                                     I would love to hear from you!

I enjoy discussing art techniques, the metaphysical, nature, and self betterment. Sharing information and insight with others is a passion of mine.

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Specialty and One of a Kind Market

I love to create one of a kind pieces. With the beauty and uniqueness of Palo Santo, I am able to flow with the wood and create special pieces. By incorporating gemstones, found objects, metal, other woods, and inlays, I am able to accentuate each piece in a special way.


Return to Vesica Piscis - Woodcut Print


Return to Vesica Piscis - Woodcut Print


This woodcut is a representation of where we are now and where we are headed.

Da Vinci's vitruvian man squaring the circle represents (wo)man's current level of consciousness. As we grow in consciousness, squaring the circle will become more balanced - where the corners are overlapping in the same manner- and thus, a new age of expanded consciousness will be upon us.

This, the vitruvian man, is our current state of consciousness. And we are growing and expanding, preparing for the balance of the squared circle.

Above the vitruvian man, is the vesica piscis. The second step in the seed of life formation. First there is consciousness; as it moves, it creates the vesica piscis (the overlap of the two circles). Inside this overlap there are ratios that represent the geometry of life, and in it I have illustrated the seed of life. It is the way in which all of creation reproduces, and the sun and moon are our mother and father in the earthly realm.

The corners of the print have the alchemical symbols for the elements; earth, fire, air, water - our physical forms we have chosen to live in in this life.

I have chosen to represent the constellations Cancer and Pisces. Our emotional state and well-being (Cancer) is forever truly connected to our spiritual state and well-being (Pisces).

We are headed towards this connection of balance, between the masculine and feminine, the mother moon and father sun, the elemental peace within, and the connection between the emotional and spirit manifesting in our physical form. From this place, we are growing and seeding the new life.


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