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If you have any questions about my process, the materials I use, or anything else                                                     I would love to hear from you!

I enjoy discussing art techniques, the metaphysical, nature, and self betterment. Sharing information and insight with others is a passion of mine.

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Specialty and One of a Kind Market

I love to create one of a kind pieces. With the beauty and uniqueness of Palo Santo, I am able to flow with the wood and create special pieces. By incorporating gemstones, found objects, metal, other woods, and inlays, I am able to accentuate each piece in a special way.






There is an amazing movie called Thrive Movement that covers the subject of the Torus. The Torus is what the toroflux is based off of; here is the segment from the movie covering Toroid Energy Flow. They do a wonderful job explaining what a Torus is. If you only have a moment to check out the part of the video on the Torus, skip to 10:07 and start there! Enjoy!

The Toroflux is a beautiful flowtoy that is based off of the shape of the Torus. The Torus is a shape that is everywhere. People, animals, plants, black holes, everything, has a toroidal field around it. The Toroidal Field consists of a vertex, a zero point where the torus folds in upon itself and then pushes far outward until it circles back around back into the vertex. The energy is constantly cycling- re energizing, refreshing itself. This shape is the epitomes of self-reflection in nature.

The Toroflux is made from a single piece of stainless steel that is folded over itself 16 times and then balanced. It can be worn as a bracelet, shared among friends holding hands, connected to objects like a hula hoop, or sat open on the coffee table or altar as decoration.

Check out the toroflux demo here <3

Make sure to take care of your toroflux to increase its lifespan! To not pull on one side more than the other when open, otherwise the toroflux can become warped and will not flow easily.

To close toroflux: Place palm on the top and bottom of the toroflux. pushing down and to the the left, twist the toroflux closed into a ring. Do not force it closed. Store in this position in the special pouch provided or slip it on like a bracelet and begin your flow!

This product is made by flowtoys. They are a wonderful company with many more products for your everyday flow fun! They have poi, staffs, wands, and so much more on their website. Check them out if you enjoy flow!

** If your toroflux breaks or warps, you can contact flowtoys directly and they will replace your old toroflux for half price**

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